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  • DISCOVER who you are.
  • DESIRE to become more of yourself.
  • DESIGN your life empowered by passion.
  • DIVE into your exciting pools of possibilities.
  • DARE to take action now to live your life fulfilled.


My father named me Sophia Ann Montoya. The initials spell his 1st name and I share my mother’s middle name. But, is that who I am, slices of them? Maybe, I’m simply a montage of the DNA configuration extrapolated from the 7 distinct nationalities representing my ancestors. However, as I continue to transcend emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is it possible for anyone, including myself, to truly know all there is about me as I take full responsibility for my life?

I am definitely not my past which only serves as a vague memory of my life’s journey thus far. Even in the moment, what I appear to be to one person will not be how I appear to someone else. Yes, I do admit that the choices I’ve made will give us insight into the foundation of my personality. And yet, foundations can be torn down and rebuilt again. For example, to overcome fear in order to tap into my potential and shape a single moment into a beneficial experience, my state of mind becomes curious, seeking out that which excites enough to ignite a passion within, enabling me to take action now. I am a doer, and, no matter the challenge, I want to breakthrough to the other side, managing my emotions in order to reap the benefits of purposeful and productive activity. I will change. I will evolve.

I am a pro-active and creative person who explores possibilities with the intent of selecting and diving into empowering opportunities. Today, I am definitely looking forward to learning more about your adventure as you fall in love with the life you create. Together, as we inspire one another by maximizing our potential, we will make a better world.