The Online Scammer

Multi-millionaire Jesse Willms, sued on a seemingly continuous basis, has purchased shots of liquor to pass out to people passing by his seat at a bar. It is said that he foots the bill as he jets off to Las Vegas with a group of people he doesn’t look at eye to eye as they party hard. Losing a fortune after each scam he is held accountable for, he doesn’t mend his ways. Instead, while making financial amends he strategizes another way to take advantage of those willing to believe his false internet advertisements and purchase his empty promises and counterfeit products online. His business ethics and his definition of friendship are not uniquely his. However, none of the other online scammers have mastered his lucrative techniques of deceit that provide for his extravagant methods of attracting others like flies to a pile of dung. The Atlantic Magazine has published an article entitled, The Dark Lord of the Internet, to expose his criminal activity and explore his state of mind.

What Is Friendship?

Action And Reaction: FriendshipWhen defining what friendship means to you, remember that friendship does not equate to the dysfunctional rolls of enabled and enabler, or, victim and rescuer. What do I mean? …a business woman I encountered in real estate fell in love with a handsome young man and they were married shortly thereafter. A few years later they were separated. He was a heroin addict who needed her financial support when he was down and out. This savvy business woman didn’t mind because as long as he needed her she felt loved. Listening to her sad tale, she honestly admitted to being afraid of the recovery program he was enrolled in, as well as, the hours they met with a psychiatrist to help them overcome their co-dependent relationship. She feared her husband, becoming responsible for his own life, would decide to move on and file for divorce in lieu of striving for reconciliation. May you never define your friendship and love in this unfulfilling and debilitating manner…it is a rugged road to travel and the reality tends to be that you are in love with an unrealistic dream as you imprison yourself within a state of denial.

Strange Encounters

Whether positive or negative, what you think becomes action causing reaction. Which would you rather apply when interacting with others? The choice is yours as you seek out support and companionship every day of the year. An old folksong about friendship claims that one is silver and the other is gold to differentiate between the thrill of new acquaintances and established relationships. Many define friends as those willing to come to their aid whenever they are in need. Oddly, many of these folks never commit to reciprocating such selfless acts. May I suggest that friendship can be as fleeting as a single moment as a stranger offers a bit of insight that empowers you? Often, the best friend of all is the person–whether you know them well or not–willing to hold you accountable for your misdeeds reminding you that your behavior must be changed in order to attain a productive outcome. Understand that the fleeting or intimate interactions that, actually, help you to maximize your potential and fall in love with the life you create are to be cherished above all. But, more importantly, the sincere hand of friendship you offer, sans expectations, will be the most rewarding of all.


Sophia Ann Montoya

Sophia Ann Montoya




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  1. Friendship for me, is knowing how best to connect with each individual. One of my friends is a health expert, another loves music as much as I do, while yet another recommends insightful articles and books to read. Each person I consider a friend adds to my life in a very unique way as I make sure our time together is productive and fun. I have no desire to drain anyone’s energy or be an obstacle they have to climb over in order to make the most of their day.

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