AGENTS OF CHANGE: Make Sure Your Realtor is a PowerBroker

AGENTS OF CHANGE: Make Sure Your Realtor is a PowerBroker

“The only people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the only ones who ever do.” ~Steve Jobs

The most important real estate decision you make is who will represent you in your real estate transactions. What kind of agency relationship do you want? Which Realtor can meet your real estate, mortgage and, or, legal needs? Which Realtor has the ability to adjust to the ever shifting market trends? After the most recent financial crisis you deserve to work with ‘Agents of Change’.

mike hobbs SUITAgents of Change: Priorities

Metes & Bounds Realty understands that buyers, sellers and investors have grown weary of the same old real estate tactics. Utilizing advance technologies they make sure integrity, perspective and honesty is the basis for everything they do.

Agents of Change: Metes & Bounds Realty

Metes & Bounds Realty thinks differently than other brokerage firms; they have a different approach to buying and selling real estate; their brand voice is unique and purpose-designed; and, they offer an exclusive service and product. They do the things they have to do and, more importantly, the things they have no obligation to do.

I have known Michael B. Hobbs, a very dynamic individual, since 1984. A strong believer in ‘moving forward’ no matter what, Hobbs moved from a career as a loan representative to owning his own mortgage company; was a radio host of ‘Mike and Dan’s Mortgage Madness’; and now channels his expertise into being the CEO of Metes and Bounds Realty and the General Manager of Liewen Law.

Agents of Change:  What is a POWERHOUSE Package?

Metes & Bounds Realty designed an exclusive POWERHOUSE Package that is purpose-designed to make selling your home more profitable and buying it less terrifying.

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Metes & Bounds Realty provides you with tangibles to make selling your home more profitable by providing a value proposition filled with benefits (that all agencies should provide but don’t) in lieu of a selling proposition.


Metes & Bounds removes your trepidation and concerns about the purchasing process and helps you obtain loan approval prior to writing your offer which is written in a manner that will insure that your offer is placed on the top of the stack when competing against other buyers.

Agents of Change: Realtors

Metes & Bounds Realty gives Realtor associates an opportunity to become top-notch professionals providing valuable service to their clients as they, also, learn how to prosper. Remember, the right agent–thinking outside the box and taking a different approach–changes everything.


Exclusive Metes & Bounds Realty PowerHouse Package


Short Sales

Concurrent Closings

Commercial Property

Foreclosure Counseling

Legal Counseling (1 free hour)

Financial Investment in Your Listing



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