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Before attending a live seminar or webinar, ask what they promise to deliver. Have they been recommended? Does the message and product meet your needs? Do a bit of research before you pay the price. If they’re free they’ll push their product. However, I’ve recently attended two that offered a lot of content before they pushed, and I feel quite fortunate to have attended each three day series. Both seminars were free. The hotel rooms were not. And, I did indeed purchase product. I admit, I haven’t perused all my goodies as of yet, but that’s because I decided to act upon specific opportunities presented at both events. I’m having a blast!

Challenge Yourself

After a 24 year career in real estate sales, I want to reshape the rest of my life with new endeavors. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things in order to explore my potential. I really want to know what I’m capable of and enjoy discovering my level of skill, or height of success, in any pursuit. As my best friend, Michelangelo, says, “When you use the tools in your tool box life becomes a giant Disneyland.”

Take Action Now

As a writer, I have utilized the easily applied techniques of the Number One Book System sponsored by (Ryan Deiss).  He was referred to me by Rachel Perlmutter of The Art of Online Marketing. She is a master at transforming online tools into productive employees. I enjoy the inspiration of Marshall Sylver’s “Prosperity Alliance” online seminar. I find DNET TV’s online networking community to be a superb support system. Also, I have specific reasons to implement 123 Employees’ outsourcing tools. All of these resources were a result of two 3-day seminars.

Get Results

I’m definitely building my business life upon a solid foundation.

Sophia Ann Montoya

Sophia Ann Montoya



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