ART EMPOWERS LA: Catalysts, Connectivity & Co-creation

ART EMPOWERS LA: Catalysts, Connectivity & Co-creation

Arts for LA is an organization that endeavors to empower a cornucopia of environments in a manner that allows art and culture to thrive and be accessible to all. Art empowers LA when government, education, business and residents value, support, and fully integrate diversified arts into the multi-faceted aspects of civic life. One example is the expressive projects designed to encourage citizens to vote on November 4th as evidenced on Twitter @ #GoVote.

Photographer ART.LAArt Empowers LA: LA Convergence

Besides the free Go Vote signs, attendees of the Arts for LA’s October 24th event held at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) were given the opportunity to strategize with leaders in the world of art. Gathering at the Performing & Fine Arts Complex Plaza of ELAC, more than 200 people began LA Convergence by listening to Anat Shenker’s presentation of “A Culture Shift for the Arts’ in the campus recital hall. Throughout the day presentations, panels, and breakout discussions focused on how arts and culture can build the next Los Angeles which is very important as the Los Angeles Worlds Fair organization moves forward, at a brisk pace, with their plans.

Art Empowers LA: Catalyst

The CATALYSTS segment of LA Convergence was designed as a think tank where community leaders took turns giving a 2 minute pitch about needs and concerns they wanted to explore and Art Empowers LAresolve followed up by the audience forming groups to ponder upon the specific conceptual ideas and how to effectively implement the project’s goals. The moderator was Daniel Lahoda of LA Freewalls/Lahoda Fine Arts and the presenters were; Omar Brownson of Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, Rudy Espinoza of LURN, Michelle Rhone-Collins of Lift-LA, Yosi Sergant of TaskForce PR, Amy Shimson-Santo of Arts Education Advocate, Brenda Shockley of Community Build, Elizabeth Timme of La Mas, and Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen.

Art Empowers LA: Connectivity

The CONNECTIVITY segment, held in ELAC’s remarkable Vincent Price Museum lecture hall, featured David Mack of The Industry; Jennifer Ferro of KCRW Radio; David Andres Kietzman of Youth Speak! Collective, and Lucas Rivera of Grand Park/The Music Center. They explored the ways in which arts and culture bolsters outcomes when employed as a strategy alongside other strategies.

Art Empowers LA: Co-creation

Art Empowers LAThe CO-CREATION segment of LA Convergence found panelist and the audience engaged in conversations about how to move beyond collaboration to the point where makers and users, or, artists and audiences work in partnership toward a mutually desired outcome. Mike Blockstein of Public Matters moderated the presenters Katie Burbank of Yelp; Mia Lehrer of Mia Lehrer & Associates; Grayce Liu of EmpowerLA, and artist Rosten Woo.

Art Empowers LA: Arts for LA

Arts for LA knows why the diversity of the arts is necessary for healthy and prosperous societies. Therefore, they are determined to promote access to substantive arts and cultural experiences in order to enrich the lives of residents and visitors throughout Los Angeles County.


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