COLLABORATIVE EVENTS: Peace Through Music in Pasadena

COLLABORATIVE EVENTS: Peace Through Music in Pasadena

Hiro Morozumi was bullied to such an extreme he was afraid of the outside world and subsequent nightmares destroyed any hope for sanctuary. Before he performed his jazzy rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ at Pasadena’s Peace Through Music Concert, he shared his personal story and his belief that his horrific childhood enabled him to focus 100% on a computer program for music composition.Collaborative Events The computer program was given to him as an outlet for his pent up emotions. As years passed by he excelled and his compositions were recognized.

When an opportunity to leave Japan and study music in the United States arose Morozumi seized it. His dramatic performance on November 8, 2014, at the First Church of the Nazarene inspired hope that other victims can, also, overcome the emotional and mental scars of abuse and shape a life they love living.

Collaborative Events: Saving Children From Violence

Collaborative EventsThe Peace Through Music Concert is a collaborative event founded after our nation was shocked by the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999.

Peace Through Music has become an annual event organized and promoted by the Pasadena Human Relations Commission to explore the common bonds cultures share through the universal language of music.

The V.I.P. ticket holders and guests arrived at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and the auditorium doors opened at 7:00 p.m. for seating. With the heartfelt goal of ending hate, giving hope, bringing joy and saving children from violence, the notoriety and musical majesty began at 7:30 p.m. sharp.

Collaborative Events: Pasadena Human Relations Commission

NATpodiumEstablished in August 1963 by Pasadena’s Board of Directors, the Pasadena Human Relations Commission serves as an advisory body to City Council for the purpose of eliminating prejudice and intolerance in order to foster social welfare, security and harmony. Nine members are appointed by each of the Council Districts with two appointees for the Mayor.

Promoting understanding and respect within the rich diversity of residents, the Pasadena Human Relations Commission offers a variety of on-going programs. The 2014 Commission: Nat Nehdar-Chair; Jackie Broxton-Vice Chair; Zavon Brown; Tamerlin J. Godley; Justin Jones; Felicia Kademian; Soji Kashiwagi; Jonathan Paek; and Sahag Yedalian.

Commissioner Nat Nehdar, the concert Committee Chair, emceed the November 8, 2014, Peace Through Music Concert which included certificate presentations to civic leaders and acknowledgement of the concert sponsors.

Collaborative Events: BRAVO!

collaborative eventsThe music was exquisitely classical with a dash of opera, country and international melodies.


Pianist-Hiro Morozumi;  Vocals/Pianist-Nicole Lam;  Piano accompanist-Evelyn Hu;  Pianist-Serena Wang; Vocals/Guitar-Eddie Cunningham;  Pianist-Matthew Tso;  Marshall Fundamental School Chamber Choir/Director-David Pitts;  Pianist/Guitarist-Alex Berberian;  Vocals-Payla Kevorkian;

Grand Finale:

The Harmonium Trio: Pianist-Yinyin Huang, Cellist-Ling Yan, Violinist-Jonathan Wei;  The Quintet: Violinist-Min Jung, Violinist-Yuki Mori, Viola-Jonathan Wei, Cellist-Ling Yan, Pianist-Yinyin Huang.

Pianist: Yinyin Huang

2008 “Peace Through Music”

Harmonium Trio

Yin-Yin Huang (Piano), Jonathan Wei (Violin), Ling Yan (Cello)

Sophia Ann Montoya


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