Defeat Ignites Adventure

Defeat Ignites Adventure

Defeat ignites thought, action and reaction. Whether that journey is positive or negative is completely up to the individual. Personally, I am inspired by defeat as it leads to necessary change and innovation.

Can Defeat Lead to Adventure?

After a week of woes making me feel like a dart board, I was exhausted and unproductive. I needed to cleanse my mind of the emotive debris and inflate my spirit until it floated like a pure white billowy cloud on a summer day.

That shift began with a Sunday RailLA Tour Event that was part fun, volunteer, and business. One single conversation with Chairman Jeremy Stutes stuck with me as the next three days hammered me with more unwanted and undeserved experiences. By the time Thursday evening arrived I had purchased a round trip train ticket from Los Angeles Union Station to San Luis Obispo, California for a respite.

Defeat Demands Decisions

Defeat Ignites AdventureInspired by Mr. Stutes’ jubilant retelling of his affordable trip to San Francisco on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, I went online to schedule a day trip but was left baffled by the effort. Coming to the rescue, Mr. Stutes advised me to call 1 800 USA Rail; a wise and perfect option. The gentleman, happily, fixed all my errors and made sure I was booked for dinner and a sleeper on the return trip. The Pacific Surfliner was scheduled to arrive in San Luis Obispo on Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and the Coast Starlight was scheduled to depart at 3:25 p.m. returning to Union Station at 9 p.m. Enjoy the video to see what really happened.

Challenges Open Doors to Possibilities

Waking up on Friday morning at 5:00 a.m., I washed my hair, donned my apparel, and zoomed off toward the 101 freeway via Cahuenga north of the Hollywood Bowl. I was met with a road block. Refusing to grumble and mumble I reacted quickly chugging back up the eroded mountainside in search of another route while engaged in deep breathing to relax my muscles and listening to music to soothe my soul.

Defeat Ignites AdventureI knew I was not going to miss my train because, unfamiliar with the entire process, I allotted an extra hour knowing that mishaps are always possible regardless of the recent onslaught I had just endured.  There is no limitation to the number of bad days one might suffer. For example; my car could breakdown, another car could crash into…well, lucky me, it didn’t happen so no need to embark upon hypothetical nonsense. It’s always safe and cozy in-the-moment where I can simply ride the emotive waves as they arrive one by one leaving me with enough energy to tap into my potential, as needed, to overcome each challenge.

Knowing several routes to the 101, I was delighted to actually enjoy traveling through LA at the maximum speed limit which is quite a rarity on our freeways during the day. Parking was effortless because I called the night before while enlarging a map online to find the cheapest location and, once we were connected, I verified everything with a parking attendant.

Defeat Dissolves into Excitement

Defeat Ignites AdventureFinally walking through the Union Station tunnel with stairs on each side at regular intervals leading up to train platforms, I absorbed the sites. Sheriffs, Homeland Security Officers, and LAPD were on patrol. I was relieved to see no dogs sniffing for bombs. I certainly did not want to add that experience to my single day of solace. Tickled by so many blank expressions as hands gripped capped paper coffee cups, I realized that few people can wake up bouncing off the walls with excitement like I can.

After checking in and learning that my departure platform was 9B, it was my turn for hot black coffee and a scone. Once sated, I freshened up and decided to hangout above ground by the trains. Waiting for the train doors to open up and welcome us in, I listened to people fretting about which platform to stand on. After 15 minutes had passed we had to persuade 3 people that the announcement-blast clearly stated their train was about to depart from 10B. “RUN!” I shouted at their backs the moment comprehension filtered into their dazed minds and they turned to go.

Be Empowered by Defeat

I am blessed with the ability to let things unfold with out clogging my mental maze with preconceived notions or expectations. Therefore, when delays occurred, such as waiting for 3 trains to pass by and a medical emergency, I was able to occupy myself with either a book to read or cameras to record whatever captivated.

Defeat Ignites Adventure

Solutions To Consider: LAPD Hollywood

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