DIGITAL MARKETING: Blogging Comprehension

DIGITAL MARKETING: Blogging Comprehension

As a writer lacking the comprehension of how blogs and search engines worked, I attempted to build a free Word Press blog and failed. I turned to the ease of Google’s I wanted to share my writing styles with the world in order to build an audience that would, one day, purchase my books. It didn’t work. I did not have website or blogging comprehension. I only had a desire to expose my work with the intent to captivate. When Rachel Perlmutter, a friend, left entrepreneurial retailing for the business of The Art of Online Marketing I heard, for the first time, the strange vocabulary of the digital world. Lead conversion, driving traffic, search engine optimization, hub, funneling, social media, monetizing blogs and the like. I was baffled.

Blogging Comprehension: Can Google Find You

Can Google find you when you do not have your very own url (website address) for your very own website? The answer is no, not really. My blog name has always been Ponder And Dream. But, the first blog was now it’s a blog embedded in my own website; I am no longer driving traffic to Googlel’s free or to a free website service such as Now, I am blogging for the purpose of driving traffic to my website for the purpose of promoting my messages, services and products. However, I did not obtain blogging comprehension on my own.

Blogging Comprehension: Learn, Practice, Perform, Perfect

LEARN. 12stepMore confused than ever after purchasing my own word press website and beginning to blog, I knew I had a lot to learn. I read many articles on the terms that baffled me the most. I went to digital marketing seminars. I listened in on webinars. For me, blogging comprehension came slowly until I signed up for DNET TV business networking. The membership included complete Blogging Comprehension ‘weekly’ webinar courses. It was blogger heaven. The course was taught by Kathy Marshall of CI-web Group. Very patient and kind, Kathy made sure we understood how to write and optimize for search engine requirements. Ever evolving, CI-web Group developed their 2014 weekly webinar, 12 Step Road Map, moving beyond digital marketing training to incorporate business strategies that replicate and remain permanent online assets. Jennifer Bagley, the CEO of CI-web Group, is the instructor and she makes blogging comprehension a fun experience because she wants to be a partner in our success. Ever reminding us that technology is never stagnant, she stresses that the best online tool and strategies of today will may not even exist tomorrow. Therefore, she recommends outsourcing the busy work so we can carry on with our money making projects. For me, that’s selling real estate and writing books.

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Blogging Comprehension: 12 Step Road Map

Jennifer Bagley is a keynote speaker on a cornucopia of stages. Brilliantly, she captivates audiences who hire her for live events, she educates the public with her, currently free, 12 Step Road Map webinars while blogging about what she teaches. She has a team. She knows how to outsource, delegate, bring in repeat business and increase the number of CI-web Group fans. With a hub center for CI-web Group with it’s own blog, a 12 Step Road Map hub center with its own blog, as well as the continuous use of social media tools, she knows the world of digital marketing and business strategy inside and out. Teaching blogging comprehension is effortless for her, but, she knows how important it is for every entrepreneur whether a one-man shop or an international corporation.

The most valuable lesson Jennifer Bagley preaches is replication to create online permanence. Besides SEOcontent, images and video are a must for every website, landing page and blog. Each segment must have…

1) content structured in a manner that enables search engines to list and rank

2)  images that enhance your message, service and product

3) and videos that engage with a clear purpose.


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