DIGITAL MARKETING: eBook Marketing in the 21st Century

DIGITAL MARKETING: eBook Marketing in the 21st Century

eBook marketing in the 21st Century is a smart way to funnel your message, service and products. Also, understand that the most extraordinary business card you can give your reading audience or clientele is your book and, more importantly, the link to your eBook. eBook marketing in the 21st Century is an extraordinary digital tool. In fact, much of marketing in the 21st Century is digital. Every entrepreneur, or, professional writer needs permanent online content representing their knowledge and skills in their specific field of expertise.

“Words Are Currency” —Tammy Kling

Rise Above the Crowds With Your eBooks

eBook marketing in the 21st Century will help you rise above the competitive crowds. If you are self employed you do not want to conduct business without this 24/7 digital asset. Every entrepreneur, business owner and, even, real estate sales associate that are not brokers need to publish their expertise making it instantly accessible to their leads, referrals, clients and repeat customers. Digital marketing educators–such as CI-web Grouppreach the importance of eBooks. I joined in the 12 Step Road Map webinar featuring the astounding eBook expert, Tammy Kling. Her insights on the purpose, content and branding of eBooks are invaluable.


Preparing Your eBook

Begin by consulting with an eBook expert because you need to be very clear about the purpose of your book. Do you need it to be more than a 21st Century Business Card. Take time to understand the intricacies of how ‘online’ marketing strategies work to make smart budget decisions. Even with YouTube eBook explanations just a click away, ‘expertise’ is the guiding hand you want, and deserve, when your are using the written word to present yourself to the public. As Tammy Kling said, “Words are Currency”.

Some of the topics you might want to discuss with a digital marketing company, such as CI-web Group, are as follows–audience; content; branding; test and measure; SEO for google search and ranking; and digital footprints such as video commercials…etcetera. If you are not a writer there are experts who are n the business of ghost-writing. For example, Tammy Kling is the communication specialist for CI-web Group. Also, there is a marketing process and distinct digital footprint development for those who want to be on Best Seller book lists.

TAMMY KLING: “Literary coach who helps guide world changers to create projects that transform. Her books have been translated into several languages and her work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra, and Primetime 20/20, among others. Her life’s purpose is to write books that change lives.”

THE NUMBER ONE BOOK SYSTEM offered a 3 day live seminar in September 2013 which  is where I first learned about the self-publishing rewards of eBooks. The event included many speakers selling their digital expertise, but, I clearly remember that book-cover titles have to instantly captivate. Covers need to be clear and bold in the thumbnail-size if you want to be considered by an online shopper. The  Number One Book System highly recommends that each chapter heading be a question with the following content answering the question step by step, even if the book is fiction. They, also, stressed the importance of an opening section entitled, What This Book Is About, to present the problem the book addresses whether plumbing, theatrical or medical; the solution to the problem, and why you are the expert to turn to, among other important items to address in less than 2 full pages before the reader moves on to the table of contents. As much fun as I had with their outline process of writing quick, marketing quick and making money, the instruction offered did not compare to Tammy Kling’s thorough understanding of the purpose of eBooks in relation to the audience (readers) and marketing requirements. When I returned to my own eBook series and completed the 2nd editions, her insights were a guiding light along with the astounding applications gleaned in the weekly 12 Step Road Map webinars.

Your eBook

Tammy Kling and Jennifer Bagley will make sure you understand the how and whys of eBook marketing in the 21st Century. They want you to do it right the first time around to reap the results you need and deserve.


Sophia Ann Montoya


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