Digital Marketing: Why Optimize Landing Pages?

Digital Marketing: Why Optimize Landing Pages?

Landing pages make it effortless and efficient for your customers to get what they want. When they are satisfied with their online experience it is highly likely they will remain your client and recommend your offerings to others. To make this ideal strategy your online business reality you must optimize landing pages. Why? To entice visitors you must present an irresistible offer. That offer must convert visitors into customers; customers that want to follow your updates with a desire to learn more about your entire line of services and products. The Megan Rachel website by CI-web Group is a fine example of navigational ease.

How To Optimize Landing Pages

To successfully funnel leads optimize your landing pages by learning what needs to stay and what needs to be removed. Test and Measure is the process used to determined which combinations on a landing page create the highest conversion rate. Remember: ” Words are currency.” —Tammy Kling

Optimize Landing Pages with 9 Key Elements


12 Step Road Map is a public webinar series taught by Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI-web Group. On September 16, 2014, the one hour session was devoted to the purpose and benefits of website landing pages with the focus on optimization. Here are the main points I learned.

1) Headline must be focused on a clear subject whether message, service or product.

2) Visual depictions such as photographs and videos are assets.

3) Customer Benefits must be comprehended at a glance. A list enhanced by bullet points is a great idea.

4) CTAs (call-to-action buttons, boxes, etc.) must be very noticeable (contrasting colors) and effortless to interact with.

5) Above-the-fold is where the most important information is to be placed because some computer screens are small.

6) Links must navigate effortlessly sans confusion leading your customer step by step to take action now.

7) Descriptions are the precious content on your optimized landing page that addresses the customers need, pain or problem and provides solutions, all the while, incorporating visual aids.

8) Customer Testimonials, your cheerleaders, are most effective on video.

9) Trust is further established by the credentials you post, the strategic partners you are affiliated with, the vendors you use, and the people you socialize with.

Maximizing SEO Optimizes Landing Pages

1) Search engine optimization relies on finding your keyword focus (phrase) in the title tag.

2) SEO by Yoast has a meta description box where you type in your captivating summary which needs to include the keyword focus (phrase) for the Google clip posted on search lists, as follows…


A WRITER’s JOURNEY: Inspired By A Male Muse – Sophia …

Apr 9, 2014 – Deadly Despair was inspired by Kelo, my male muse. A Writer’s Journey is a Ponder And Dream blog series. For writing tips explore my …

3) Catchy title must be worded to entice new readers to linger and take action.

4) Header (H2) will optimize landing pages only if you include the keyword focus (phrase) in the headline. Keyword focus (phrase) should be inserted every 100 words of content to further maximize SEO.

5) Layout must be appealing and make sure images are SEO optimized.

6) Your website is your hub. Make sure landing pages are linked to social media.

Are Your Landing Pages Optimized?

Test and measure is the method of determining results. A digital marketing agency, such as CI-web Group, can do it for you or education you in the process. The topics you want to discuss are A/B Testing; Multivariate Testing; Landing Page Variation and ROI. The most important thing I’ve learned from the 12 Step Road Map webinars is that in order to monetize your online tools they need to be built properly to implement your online business strategy. It is very annoying to find out that your website template cannot be searched and ranked by Google. Therefore, invest your money the right way, the first time around, to reap the success you deserve.


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