DIGITAL MARKETING: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Education by 12 Step Road Map Webinars

DIGITAL MARKETING: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Education by 12 Step Road Map Webinars

Digital marketing must be supported by effective search engine optimization (SEO) to produce results. Fortunately, CI-web Group offers free webinar education to give you the option of understanding and mastering the implementation and management of SEO unless, of course, you prefer to outsource the busy work to CI-web Group in order to focus your time and energy on your money making endeavors. I highly recommend the free 12 Step Road Map registration for educational webinars presented by Jennifer Bagley and her professional associates because she offers easy to understand methods of application. At the end of the webinar you can implement what she taught or, if need be, review the recorded session once it is posted on the 12 Step Road Map website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Education

There are several important SEO particulars to understand and be educated in before applying them to your digital marketing. An at-a-glance list is provided below for your review before partaking of the nuggets of knowledge shared in the following videos.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) education by 12 Step Road Map-How Search Engines Operate (Crawling, Indexing, Answering)

-SEO Empathy For Your Audience/Targeted Market

-How to Focus on a Niche to Succeed with SEO

-Understand Google SEO Preferences

-CMS: Content Management System

-Organic SEO versus Pay Per click

-Measuring and Tracking Success

-Responsive Websites

-Keyword Research

-Great Content

-SEO Titles

SEO Education for Digital Marketing by 12 Step Road Map

In 2013, I paid for membership in DNET TV’s business-networking systems. I was fascinated with the training offered to make sure I understood how to effectively make the most of their unique online business format. When DNET TV announced the weekly 12 Step Road Map webinars that focused on accelerated business achievement in addition to the what, how and why of digital marketing, I registered immediately. I rarely miss a live presentation by Jennifer Bagley and I have thoroughly enjoyed her guest speakers and associates. If your business can benefit from a website, I encourage you to–at the very least–listen to the following recorded webinar by Jennifer Bagley about creating content for SEO. More importantly, click 12 Step Road Map to register for free weekly digital marketing education.

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