SHAMROCKING: Saint Patrick’s Day

SHAMROCKING: Saint Patrick’s Day


Shamrocking on Saint Partick’s Day: Imagine all magic residing on your fingertips, and, power entwined with each intake and exhale of your soul’s whispering breath. Then, describe the frolicking fun you are going to have–on a glittering Kelly Green day–with your most adventurous friends. If you dare to trip with delight upon my own mental meanderings, simply scroll down to partake of the adventure that unfolds on my Shamrocking Day!




Ever, and always, I

Ponder and dream of

Life’s possibilities daring

To chase rainbows

Sparking and arcing across

Stormy skies; and, along

The way, so bold and brave,

I pluck–shimmering in

Lime and Kelly greens–four

Leaf clovers. delicate as lace,

Trying mightily to hide deep

Within dew kissed pockets

 Of Irish fairy-land where

Leprechauns play magic

Tricks on passersby making

Me wonder if those rascals,

Laughing wickedly in

Mischievous glee, were

Hired by ‘Candid Camera’…

But then I remember that

Silly show no longer exists in

Our dimensional reality, so,

I continue my bumbled rumble

Venturing, without a care, into

The density of shadow-land

Enchanted by the weeping sighs of

Willow trees serenading Lady Luck,

The ‘Mysterious One’ I seek to

Ask–plead and beg if I must–to

Wrap my greedy hand around her

Dancing dice to shake with a

Rattle and hum before tossing

The charming pair–my heart

Overflowing with hope–to

Secure the most desired prize…

A Leprechaun’s pot of glittering GOLD!

Oh, double delight, super sevens

Be mine tonight…sounds like heaven, right?

Ho-hum, Ho-hum!

Cease your snickers and

Sneers! I’m no fool, no, not I!

Tis you, I do declare, too full of

Fear, afraid to roll off your

Cushy couch and leap into

The mystical nuances of life!

Do dare, say I, to dash about

Exploring the unknown to experience

Discovery’s rewards! Oh, never

You mind! Stay forever blind,

Behind, bound down on the ground

While all that dazzles and glows be

Mine, treasure sublime, a rare kind of

Find like a diamond in a dark coal mine!

Just kidding!


Adventure’s endless thrill, hear it

Now, it calls, “get up, come with me”

Let’s go hunting for dragon’s GOLD

before we snooze and snore!

What say you? Rest up for

A frolicking party call?

Yes! No! Hmm…is it time to stop?

Shall we just hop from bar to pub,

Drinking brew and eating stew,

All the while, spewing tales too

Tall for a grand wizard’s hall as we

Celebrate, with squeals and reels,

The sparkling dazzle of another

Saint Patrick’s shamrock-ing Day?




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