TECH WORLD: Baffled?

TECH WORLD: Baffled?

Are You Baffled by TECH?

  • If you are up to your eyes in data enjoy the attached informative video.
  •  If you are baffled by TECH take the time to peruse the insights shared by Rachel Perlmutter of The Art of Online Marketing.
  •  If you enjoy a bit of humor, read the evolution of my experiences with tech-tools posted below.

Baffled by TECH

Unable to utter a single coherent word, I gasped into the mouth piece. How did my Daddy’s voice get into the phone? It scared me. I just wanted him to come home. He did and, eventually, I learned how to answer the phone like a big girl.

Once, after a wild Sunday pancake brunch with guests, my father surprised us all when he uncovered a hidden tape recorder and replayed our loud and happy banter. I recognized everyone’s voice but mine. I sounded like my nasal passages were clogged. They weren’t. My father insisted the ugly voice was mine. I began to cry and never wanted to speak again. My drama subsided as my father and mother convinced me of the wicked machine’s imperfections and that the sound of my voice was, really, rather melodic. I decided to believe them.

When the facsimile machine became the new toy of smaller businesses, I was struggling through my first year in real estate sales with interest rates fixed at 17%. I thought the device was a waste of time because sunlight and warm temperatures discolored the thermal paper, obliterating the printed words; therefore, we still had to use copy machines for official and signed documents.

A client of mine loved Apple computers and convinced me to use one for my business newsletters. However, his lengthy lectures of how computers processed and saved data were beyond my mental capacity. Frustrated, I snapped at him and demanded; “Just tell me what buttons to push!” Within weeks I got the hang of it and punished my clientele with monthly issues of cartoon images accompanied by silly prose designed to keep me, and my professional skills, at the forefront of their wandering minds.

Cell phones were the next big technological advancement. Paying over $1000.00, I purchased and lugged around a hefty Motorola for almost two years. I loved calling the escrow company on Monday mornings to open new sales transactions as I drove toward the beach for a day of sunshine and ocean breezes. Nowadays, I feel like a character in a Star Trek film as I utilize my Blue Tooth and cell phone; a phone so small I can never retrieve it fast enough from my bottomless handbag to scan caller-ID and respond before voice mail activates.

Lugging around a camera on trips abroad was my idea of a nuisance since my thumb appeared inBaffled By TECH? most photos while the rest were either out of focus, or, I expertly decapitated the people I wanted to remember. Picture perfect post cards were purchased to remind myself that, yes, I really traveled throughout Europe. Only when petite digital cameras arrived on the scene did I purchase one to capture South American glaciers and the wonders of Iguazu Falls. By then, I owned my own lap top, learned how to play with PowerPoint and spent hours uploading photos to re-tell my experiences inclusive of captions and map insertions. This effort served me well when I decided to create and present newlyweds with a memorable slide show. I even produced and presented a multi-media Tango lecture. Don’t laugh … “I love technology!”

Nowadays, entrepreneurs struggle to manipulate and exploit online tools. Knee deep in the intricacies of their own businesses, working diligently to turn a profit, they have no time to properly utilize the world web and social media; no time to optimize search engines, or, design and send out email campaigns that are not considered spam. Many have Facebook pages; however, new content is rarely posted and when it appears it fails to captivate and intrigue. As a result, followers and fans are few and far between. Realizing that websites are a must, they are often built on outdated platforms offering cumbersome navigation and pages loaded with excessive self-serving data that frightens visitors away. They never return because they have found another website designed with effortless navigation flashing the ‘benefits’ they sought in a manner their eyes can instantly scan and immediately comprehend.

Unbelievably, after a full-time 24 year career in the field of real estate sales and, after returning to college for an AA in Communications (Magna Cum Laude/Ralph Bunch Honors/Phi Theta Kappa), I have evolved into a Solutions Sales Specialists representing The Art of Online Marketing. We transform online tools into an entrepreneur’s most productive set of employees by creating marketing strategies that draw in repeat and referral business.  We want entrepreneurs to succeed within the realm of global connections; and we encourage one and all, big or small, to begin with The Art of Online Marketing’s free consultation in order to comprehend how websites, social media, email, webinars and SEO development and maintenance can help them take a giant leap toward their business goals. Conveniently and productively, we link up via “Go To Meeting” and communicate from computer to computer in the comfort of our own locales which are often oceans apart as we view all images displayed on the consultants screen as we converse.

Instantaneous results are what we humans have dreamed of for eons. Now, our world of technology awes and holds us spellbound. Without the mastery of online tools, it will be impossible for entrepreneurs to compete, thrive and succeed in the years to come.

Transform your online tools into your best employees.

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  1. In regards to TECH, I delegate by building business relationships with those who have mastered online tools while implementing the bare necessities required for my daily business tasks. Also, I have an assistant that keeps my computer files organized and prepares the tools I need to utilize Skype, online meetings, scans…and so on and so forth.

  2. Loved the video. I, too, feel bombarded by TECH. It is definitely a love/hate relationship.

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