VIDEO NOTORIETY: Save Thousands of Dollars Working With the Director

VIDEO NOTORIETY: Save Thousands of Dollars Working With the Director

Watching the 2005 Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage, I remembered that Charles Tentindo of Flying Director Presentations won the Telly Award in 2006 for the Lion’s Gate documentary entitled, Making A Killing: Inside The International Arms Trade, garnering him an invitation to the United Nations.

Now, you may never need to make an intensely dramatic documentary but, today, video notoriety is a part of  smart business and marketing plans whether for profit or non-profit aspirations. Fortunately for you, Tentindo produces video content for corporate, medical, auto, cinema, foundations, non profits and many other unique markets.

Video NotorietyVideo Notoriety: Save Thousands of Dollars Working With the Director

Instead of going to big production companies go directly to Flying Director Presentations because the big guys will most likely outsource your media or stage event. Therefore, why pay the big bucks to the big guys when all you need to do is go directly to the source that provides cutting edge video technology?

Video Notoriety: Why Notoriety: Charles Tentindo

Beyond exceptional directing, Tentindo opened his own production studio in 2007. He even provides training for actors and public speakers of all levels. His services, focused on lasting and enriching experiences, include marketing materials for actors seeking employment.

Tentindo’s creative ability is far reaching. For my tango documentary entitled, Blue Moon, he composed music for the film’s montage featured at the conclusion. As an inventor, he created the revolutionary Zen Riffer, a vertically oriented electronic keyboard with wireless computer connectivity used by established artists such as Jordan Rudess, Terry Lawless, U2, and Jesse Carmichael formally of Maroon 5.

Whether director, cinematographer, editor, coach, trainer, inventor or designer, Tentindo’s creative energy will shape the video you desire and need.

Video Notoriety: EPSON directed by Charles Tentindo

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