Category: Collaborative Events

EVENT: CicLAvia Downtown Los Angeles12-02-2018

CicLAvia Downtown Los Angeles 12-02-18: Enjoy the photos and video, and, be sure to plan for the next CicLAvia scheduled for Culver City in March 2019.Whether you volunteer or simply participate in the cycling adventure on car-less city boulevards, you will have a great time. I was thoroughly delighted by unique holiday costumes donned by people of every age on un-motorized wheels. More importantly, there were so many families blissfully enjoying the day.

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EVENT: Emergency Preparedness Expo

Ponder And Dream presents ‘Collaborative Events: Emergency Preparedness Expo’ written and filmed by Sophia Ann Montoya (author and interviewer) with the purpose of inspiring you to ‘Fall In Love With The Life You Create’ empowered by understanding that ‘What You Think Becomes Action Causing Reaction’.

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EVENT: Expo Explorer’s Day of Adventure in Los Angeles

Heading back to Culver City for the grand finale of the LA adventure, we were greeted by Santa Monica Mayor, Pam O’connor, who opened our eyes to the future of ‘connectivity’ in Los Angeles County. Together, we were buffeted by the ocean breeze as we partied on the Helm’s Bakery new-mini-promenade enjoying dessert, prizes, gifts, music and emotive hugs of gratitude. BRAVO! For a visual of this worthwhile and very memorable day enjoy the video posted below.

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