Category: poetry and prose

PROSE POETRY: Spring Has Sprung

SPRING has SPRUNG: a poem by Sophia Ann Montoya: The poem, as I wrote and rewrote phrases, felt as if I were recapturing a silly dream sprinkled with the salt and pepper of reality. If you are so inclined, please scroll down to enjoy the zig and zag of my thoughts… Copyright 2017.

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Prose Poetry: A Shamrocking Day

Shamrock-ing on Saint Patrick’s Day: describe the frolicking fun you are going to have–on a glittering Kelly Green day–with your most adventurous friends. If you dare to trip with delight upon my own mental meanderings, simply click and scroll down to partake of the adventure that unfolds on my Shamrocking Day!

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PROSE POETRY: Time’s Mystic Mirage

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, Sophia Ann Montoya pondered upon the connections we have with those nearest and dearest to our hearts realizing that, along time’s mystic mirage, a kiss is always more than just a kiss. The result of my mental meanderings was my second poem of 2017. Click to enjoy!

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