Inspiration for ‘SPRING has SPRUNG’

Anything can inspire a poem. “SPRING has SPRUNG” was inspired by my need to write about April’s holidays and events for a marketing email campaign on behalf of a real estate broker. It really is a rather captivating month whether one is religious or a jester at heart. As does life, the poem did not evolve in a predictable manner because the results were greatly influenced by 3 things: (1) the fog and rain threatening March 20, 2017 which was the 1st day of spring (2) my best man friend leaving on an extended business trip (3) a decades long female friend’s special event.

Surprised by my friend’s announcement of an April 1st birthday party with details to follow, I knew it was a joke because her birthday is in February. Not really believing her when she swore it was not an April Fools Day stunt, I asked her again, this evening as a matter of fact, if she was moving forward with the celebration. The answer was a resounding yes accompanied by all the ‘Where & When’ details. Deciding to celebrate her birthday throughout the entire year of 2017 to mark the arrival of another decade of living life, she refers to it as her birthday year and has purchased another gift for herself; a brand new car!

The poem, as I wrote and rewrote phrases, felt as if I were recapturing a silly dream chasing after fading images and sounds sprinkled with the salt and pepper of reality. If you are so inclined, please scroll down to enjoy the zig and zag of my thoughts…



Copyright © 2017

It began when

Spring Sprung a

Leak; rain and fog

Rudely obscuring

The golden magnificence

Of the Vernal Equinox

While I made every

Attempt to carry on

In a happy-go-lucky

Manner even though

The man I adventure

With, from day to day,

Packed his bags, waved

Farewell and jetted away

Down to the southern

Hemisphere to delve into

A secret life of his own.

Well, having sent my

RSVP two weeks ago

I zoomed eagerly, and

Alone, without a zig or

Zag, quietly in my sleek

Electric car along the

Pacific Coast, seagulls

And pelicans overhead,

To my first ever April

Fools Day party because,

Fool that I am, I wanted

To sashay and frolic

Without a care sans

Snickering sneers and

Judgmental glares.

Finally there; with wine

Glass in hand, feet

Tapping to the rhythm

And blues of the dynamic

Band making me emote,

Sensations twisting and

Splitting creating atmospheric

Pressure until my high-heel,

Grinding passion into

The stone paved floor,

Snapped off leaving

Me unbalanced; physically

Not mentally, teetering into

The brink of…well, all I

Can say is, “C’est la vie.”

And, yet, when chocolate

Eggs pelted my head

And friends laughed at

Me, I marveled at

Life’s power to make

Me delight in its ridiculous

Ridicule. Thankful I didn’t

Spill a drop of wine, I

Continued to sip, not

Slurp, my heart dancing

To the beat of happiness

And sang along wondering

What surprises Easter

Sunday and the heavens

Above might have in

Store for me…

Could I, too, be a part of

Something as glorious

As a resurrection?

A reincarnation?

A reverberation of

Angel harps and God’s

Mighty thunderous voice?

A simple reinvention of

self might suffice.

Lost in my reverie

I felt a kiss upon my

Cheek making me turn

Toward a giant smile

Welcoming me to bask

In the glow of a dear

Friend; my favorite thing

On planet Earth! And,

Best of all, it was a

Birthday bash, just

For her, with all of us

There reminiscing,

Remembering all that

She was, honoring all

That she is and imagining

All that she’ll become!

Such is the bounty of life

and nature’s perpetual gift;


Copyright © 2017