Copyright  ©  2016 Sophia Ann Montoya : The featured image was created by me for my best friend, Michelangelo Dilella, and is not to be republished by any other person or entity.

PROSE POETRY: A Ribbon of Love

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, I pondered upon the connections we have with those nearest and dearest to our hearts realizing that, along time’s mystic mirage, a kiss is always more than just a kiss. The result of my mental meanderings was my second poem of 2017. Scroll beyond the hearts to enjoy!



Copyright © 2017

I swallowed the mystery of

Twilight, parted your lips

With a kiss and exhaled a

Wispy ribbon of love

Searching for the essence

Of your soul, solely to

Embrace it with my desire

To make us whole, an

Entity entwined, never

To part in this life or in

Realms beyond, longing

To ever shift together

Within the dimensional

Expanse of eternity,

Believing we’ll continue

To transcend into wondrous

Beings our finite human

Mind cannot, yet, conceive

Of, trusting the universe,

So vast and unknown, to

Keep the fire of hope alive

As we journey through

The evolutionary terrain

Of our fragile existence…

But, now empowered

With the gift of bind and

Bond, you and I can unite

Others to partake of this

Transformative adventure,

Weaving the stories of our

Experiences along the golden

Threads of light, unwavering

In spite of the ebb and flow

Undulating within time’s

Perpetual mystic mirage…

All this with just a single

Kiss exhaling a wispy

Ribbon of love.

Copyright © 2017



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