After attending a JPL lecture I learned that what California needs is not rain, they new now capped mountains that melt into rivers that supply California with the water needed for all to survive and, preferably, thrive.

THE UNWRAPPED GIFT: Storms and Landslides

Inspired by the the havoc caused by January rainstorms in Southern California, I wrote a bit of prose poetry to reflect the clash of relief and disaster. It is a reminder for each of us to consider all aspects of any given situation in lieu of praying and hoping for imagined perfection. Rain, a necessity, is nature’s unwrapped gift. And, miraculous gift that it is during an extreme drought, it often comes with unwanted side affects.

Copyright © 2017 Sophia Ann Montoya

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Copyright © 2017

Sophia Ann Montoya

Nature rumbled, patios

Trembled and crumbled

Then foundations buckled;

Debris slid, rolling down

Thoughtlessly void of

Concern while trees shivered

Gagging…unable to

Swallow or gulp down

Rain so determined to

Bless our thirsty dusty land,

Its mist, drops and torrents

Mounting into rivelets

Flooding our lives with

Woe; seeping in saddness

We sink into our puddles

Of tears unable to figure

Out how to embrace the

Gift we prayed and longed

For all these years; and now,

We watch infected trees

Crash and crush, trees

We cannot save, so,

We mutter and cruse

Screaming at loss and


Stunned to thank our

Firemen rushing to the

Scene of each accident,

Proving heroic worth by

Keeping us calm, daring

To remove the alarm

Of nature’s sudden

Surprise…a storm filling

SoCal’s barren womb…

And, yet, I fret not dreaming

Of the beauteous Spring

We’ll soon, gratefully, behold.

Copyright © 2017

Sophia Ann Montoya

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