From the moment we are born we begin chasing love. We, hopefully, start with our parents and, or, family members moving on to friends before chasing after romantic love in hopes of finding the rarest of treasures, true love.

Writing and practicing for a month to condense a novel sized ‘true story’ down to 6 fleeting minutes for a competition was an exhilarating challenge. The highlights of my first storytelling experience included a 1st live reading of an edited version while vacationing in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, after drinking too much wine. My 2nd reading was bravely, or was it foolishly, presented to an intimate gathering of inebriated souls who eagerly gave me their thumbs down while shouting out critiques. Surprisingly, that unpleasant moment was extremely helpful during the final edits of “Chasing Love“. My final rehearsal of the finished story was delivered from memory. Every word fluidly flowed until I experienced a brain freeze. Seconds rapidly ticked by as I pleaded with the storytelling Gods to enliven my mental maze with the next line of the story. My very kind audience, consisting of the dearest of friends, promised to give me hand & body signals if I repeated this unacceptable ‘stage-fright’ during competition.

With warm regards, my thank yous are wrapped in big hugs and giant smiles for Donna Newton who shared the opportunity of the competitive event entitled, Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller; for Judy Iacovetti who has supported my most important endeavors throughout decades; for Karen Hanes who has blessed me with her intellectual wisdom time and again; for Cynthia Markopulos whose blunt honesty, in the end, helped me make the final edits; for Michael and Tamara Dilella who always surround me with their love and tender care; and to Michelangelo, my best friend and favorite tango dancer, who dared me to step into this creative challenge and passionately embrace every nuance of the experience.

Author’s message: STOP CHASING LOVE in order to love living life.