Sophia Ann Montoya

Being responsible for our thoughts, actions and reactions will, actually, set us free. Free from what? Free from the manipulation of others. Why let others decide for you? Why be persuaded to do what will not benefit you? More importantly, since I cannot be you and you cannot be me, we must dare to develop, and enjoy, our own individuality to be empowered.

Our experiences reveal the benefits of learning to know, knowing to understand, understanding to practice, practicing to perfect, perfecting to innovate, and, innovating to inspire others to do the same. To what purpose? Exploring our potential in order to exploit our potential productively is a major step to living beyond mere survival from day to day. To what purpose? To garner the power to increase our well-being which increases our ability to create a life we will love living on purpose with purpose in order to thrive.

Furthermore, if we allow our meandering minds to ponder and dream magnificently, with the intent to spark desire and inflame passion, we open ourselves up to possibilities which lead to opportunities to shape better moments, and, to create extraordinary outcomes whether we are interacting with others or on our own.

The simple logic of the content focuses on human potential without the influence of religion or any belief system relying on the facade of a unique vocabulary. We can discover the full range, from negative to positive, of our potential in any given situation. Understanding our individual spectrum of thought, action and reaction is an extremely important step to accomplish in order to shape the life we want to live.


may we step into a passionate embrace, dare to lean into the curves, and sail through the buffeting winds.