“What you think becomes action causing reaction.”  – Sophia Ann Montoya 

” To make your community better, and to thrive in your community, use power, use it wisely and for the good. – Danielle Brazell: Executive Director of Arts for LA


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Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014

Hundreds of people gathered at Los Angeles City Hall on Friday, April 11, 2014, to celebrate the contributions of arts and culture to the community, and, to speak with their elected officials about why the arts are important to the citizens.

Volunteers met the needs of guests, advocates and delegates as they worked at the reception desk; city council meeting; delegate training and workshop; arts engagement activity at the City Hall Mall and the afternoon delegate meetings. Even Mayor Garcetti greeted the guests in the City Hall Rotunda on the 3rd floor avowing that, “The ‘a’ in Garcetti stands for ‘ART’,” which was received with jubilant applause.

Dynamic Individuals Support Arts for LA

This event was studded with experts in every field of art. The photo below is of Michael S. Bell of Visual Art Access, a curator who offers seminars and provides services such as trial preparation, expert witness, research and facilitating. Dotty Kaminsky, Executive Director for Los Angeles World’s Fair, is pictured to the left.

Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014Many eager to network passed out cards and engaged in animated conversations. Here are a few I had a chance to meet: Founder and CEO, Francisco Arechiga, of Soierie/Connecting Worlds Through the Arts; Gaston Mantero, Producer-Driector of MGM Branch Productions; CEO Gary Troy of GBS/Global Broadcasting System; Entertainment Industry Representative, Krystee Clark; Hip Hop Poetry artist, Tony B. Conscious; Amy Inouye of Future Studio Gallery; artists Juliana Martinez and Lori Antoinette.

To my delight Cheryl Gelling, my Linkedin.com friend who keeps me informed and aware of remarkable foundation events, was in attendance! Also, a passionate man shared how his determination to make mural painting on the walls of our infrastructure legally permissible resulted in the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles.

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“Art is the most intense mode of

individualism that the world has known.”

Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014
 Michael S. Bell

Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014

Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014



Sophia Ann Montoya

Action And Reaction: Arts Day LA 2014