This short story, written in my preferred prose-poetry style, is based on a true firsthand account of the incident by a business associate. A seasoned traveler through Hong Kong, Thailand, parts of Europe, as well as, South, Central and North America, this gentleman sat very close to the entry where the suicide took place on October 5, 1965, in Bogota, Colombia. Even though he delved into the August LIFE MAGAZINE showcasing Arabella’s talent and beauty, he did not learn that the distraught female hidden in shadow was Arablella Arbentz until her identity was slapped on newspapers in blaring headlines. His experience–from gunfire to interrogations–was shocking. After I completed all the research for this emotive version of events, the owner of Pan American Album Company, Inc., gifted me with his copy of LIFE MAGAZINE (16 De Agosto de 1965).

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