After walking over 8 miles in search of the promised food trucks, and finding none, followed by directing CicLAvia participants to dismount–for the safety of one and all–for one and a half hours at the Chinatown HUB situated near the 900 block of Broadway, I dragged myself off to Union Station to journey home.

Eager to arrive home in plenty of time to finalize my weekend business obligations, I somehow boarded the wrong train on the wrong level, got off accompanied by another lost passenger and together, with the help of kind experienced travelers, we found the right train at a much lower level.

Determined to relax in the rigid train seat, I vegged-out to make sure I did not dwell upon the fact we were far below the surface of the earth and, consequently, missed my station of choice. Ending up at the end of the line I had to wait until it traveled back to the station where my car awaited me. Finally, I disembarked with great relief while noticing another exiting passenger carrying a safety vest that looked exactly like the ones other CicLAvia volunteers were sporting at the Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) event. Wanting to know if my assumption was correct, I asked if he, too, volunteered at CicLAvia DTLA. He said yes stating it was his first experience and I shared that it was my second volunteer experience with the lively and well organized group. After our happy-holiday exchange I decided to enjoy myself a bit more.

Off I went to a perfect meal at Vitello’s in the main dining area with live piano followed by Kritzerland’s Holiday Show resonating throughout  Upstairs Vitello’s. Later, sitting in my home office before my computer typing away, I was hit with a power outage…such a memorable way to end my Sunday, 12-02-2018.

Take a moment to enjoy the photos and video posted below. And, be sure to plan for the next CicLAvia scheduled for Culver City in March 2019. Whether you volunteer or simply participate in the cycling adventure on car-less city boulevards, you will have a great time. I was thoroughly delighted by unique holiday costumes donned by people of every age on un-motorized wheels. More importantly, there were so many families blissfully enjoying the day.

PS: There were food trucks at the event, but, I would have had to walk another 4 miles to reach them. Next time I will be sure to have my bicycle.