“What you think becomes action causing reaction.” Therefore, thinking of maximizing your life with excellence will create different actions and reactions than thinking of how afraid you are to try something new or make necessary changes in your life. You must dare to succeed whether you are wheelchair bound or a sports addict.

If you are excellent in one area in your life while neglecting all others you must become more of your ‘self’ to maximize your full potential. With your innate abilities dare to succeed emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically by exploring your potential in each area. Enhance your life with a formula for success. One formula that can be applied to every aspect of your life is as follows:

FORMULA = Learn to know + Know to understand + Understand to practice + Practice to perfect + Perfect to apply or perform + Apply or Perform to innovate + Innovate to inspire others to do the same = SUCCESS.

Dare to Succeed: Learn

Climb.CROPPEDOne solution to consider is; dare to succeed by learning everything that interests and captivates your heart and mind. Why? The best way to explore your potential and create a life you love is by being impassioned. Passion is the power you need to succeed. Passion drives you through the discomfort and pain of upheaval, chaos, obstacles and challenges to reach goals and journey within the realm of fulfillment. Learning is the only way to gather the knowledge you need to embark on your journey of success.

Dare to Succeed: Practice

Solutions to consider are often step by step processes. Therefore, dare to succeed by practicing what you learn. Practicing what you learn will give you the understanding of what works or does not work; what is productive or not productive; what benefits or does not benefit; and, help you list the pros and cons to clearly see the negative or positive sides of interactions and experiences. More importantly, practice gives you the confidence to manage fear and perform efficiently and effectively.

Dare to Succeed: Perform

MOTOR.beach.EditedDare to succeed by performing in order to productively apply what you have learned and practiced to enhance your personal and professional lives. Dare to succeed by using the tools in your tools box. Your tools are your innate abilities, knowledge, understanding, as well as, the skills you have developed by practicing. Now it is time to use them to secure financial stability which will enhance your well-being.

Dare to Succeed: Perfect

Dare to succeed by perfecting your skills. Why? Perfecting your skills will open the doors to more possibilities and opportunities leading to innovation. Innovation might be the tool you need to survive in a time of upheaval and chaos. Innovation may be the peace of mind you need to overcome obstacles or the insight you need to breakthrough challenges. Innovation may be the tool that moves you from mere survival to a life that is thriving and fulfilled.

Dare to Succeed: Fulfillment

HandstandDare to succeed to live a life you love, ever, dwelling in the realm of fulfillment in spite of life’s disappointments, heartache and hardships. How? Knowing, “What you think becomes action causing reaction,” is different than understanding that, “What you think becomes action causing reaction.”

When you understand you embody the knowledge as if it were your innate ability, such as breathing, employing the tool moment to moment. For example; when you are able to adjust your attitude from moment to moment to maintain a positive, productive and beneficial life style you will be living your life fulfilled able to find serenity within when turmoil rages without.

If you dare to succeed emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, dive into ‘your’ pool of possibilities seizing ‘optimum’ opportunities that exist in your set of circumstances. Success, like life, is a journey of learning to know, practicing to understand, performing in order to apply to make things happen. Taking the time to perfect it all with the intent to innovate, inspire or empower others, is the magic of eating the cake and having it, too.

Solutions To Consider: Semantics

Before you do any of the above. be very selective with the choice of words or phrase you fill your mind with. Your thoughts are hypnotic, so, make sure they are positive, inspiring and empowering. Your negative thoughts or limiting belief systems will defeat you before you even attempt to move forward. What you think upon affects your actions and reactions. Furthermore, what you think is rarely the truth or reality. Thoughts are mostly un-productive chatter bouncing around your brain aimlessly until you consciously employ purpose and structure. May your choices of thought, action and reaction expand your passion and potential productively.