FREE FABULOUS FUN: Catalina Express & Catalina Island

FREE FABULOUS FUN: Catalina Express & Catalina Island

My first visit to Catalina Island was by seaplane in the summer of 1968. Other remarkable returns to that quaint island included a romantic day that began with a helicopter ride to the Airport In The Sky; a birthday celebration at the Inn at Mount Ada (the Wrigley Home on Catalina Island) inclusive of a charming golf cart for transportation and excursions to the Wrigley Memorial and botanic garden were worthwhile; also, my favorite experiences were several trips during 2000-2002 via a Catalina 22 with the Keelswingers Sail Boat Club as we explored more of the Catalina Island Coastline inspiring my e-Book, Sail Through The Buffeting Winds.

Free Fabulous Fun: Catalina Express

Free Fabulous FunDescribed as a Sweet Escape, Catalina Express offers a free round trip birthday promotion for those who register online for a Catalina Island destination. The Catalina Express is fast and when standing along the side you can add to the thrill with the ocean spray and whipping wind. By the way, don’t fret if you are at the end of the long boarding line because the staff moves everyone aboard at brisk pace.

If you are a spontaneous soul failing to RSVP for the Catalina Express the staff will offer you a standby ticket and there are two food venues offering tempting treats and yummy meals. The waiting area is comfortable and outside is scenic.

Free Fabulous Fun: Catalina Island

Whether you walk, hike, photograph, film, sunbathe, swim or relax on a bench, you will be thoroughly entertained without spending a dime. The following video validates this truth but doesn’t cover it all. You deserve your own firsthand Catalina Island experience. Go, see and do…

Free Fabulous Fun: Catalina Island History

My recent Catalina Island Adventure was a spontaneous act and, fortunately, it was enhanced by residents who willingly offered information and guidance to unique sights such as…

♦ Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel was originally built in 1926 by the author, Zane Grey, and houses some of Grey’s furnishing touches. Overlooking Avalon Bay, Grey spent most of his later years in Avalon writing and fishing.

♦ Chimes Tower resounds in the town of Avalon and, since 1925, tolls on the quarter of the hour between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Built in 1925, Mrs. Ada Wrigley presented the Chimes Tower as a gift to the town situated across from the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel.

Free Fabulous Fun


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