You cannot do what you do not know. Therefore, expand your personal and professional universe with each new thing you learn by practicing until you are ready to apply the knowledge productively. Catherine Cruzan is an inspiring example of innovation. She is also a very dynamic individual. Her life’s journey, thus far, is quite inspiring. The video above introduces you to this remarkable talent. Enjoy getting to know author Catherine Cruzan.

A WRITER'S JOURNEY: Catherine Cruzan (part 1)CRUZAN: From Doodles to Novel

Decades passed before Catherine’s first novel was published. However, writing was a part of her life since she was a child. Throughout her life she has told stories, or captured a single moment of time, in prose, music, drawings, photographs, choreography, and costumes. She even finds creative inspiration in aerospace engineering and industrial sites.

A WRITER'S JOURNEY: Catherine Cruzan (part 1)ELFKIND by Catherine Cruzan

If you dare to explore an action packed world where Lariel’s father, King of Tallen, is murdered causing her life of privilege to implode, you will be thrilled by Lariel’s comeback after she discovers she is Elfkind with powerful gifts she must harness if she wants to free her people and, hopefully, defeat the threatening darkness.

Cruzan‘s extensive background in the arts, travel and engineering have given her a cornucopia of tools to empower her imagination presenting us with a wondrous realm to explore as challenges are overcome and opportunities are waiting to be acted upon.

Hesitation, like procrastination, is taboo, so, dive into the adventure now! And, remember, ” What You Think Becomes Action Causing Reaction.”