You have the ability to adapt to changes and innovate when challenges arise. No matter which endeavor you dive into with the desire to succeed, you need to learn every aspect of the craft. Charge in voraciously to reap life altering rewards whether in your personal or professional realms. In other words, fall in love with the life ‘you’ create. Especially, if you want to be a writer because the publishing industry has gone through an upheaval transforming into a new entity of marketing strategy. Now, the writer’s unwavering dedication is the high octane fuel that makes things happen.

A WRITER'S JOURNEY: Catherine Cruzan (part 1)CRUZAN: Learn Your Craft

Catherine Cruzan began writing as a child. However, the moment she explored the idea of writing well enough to be published she enrolled in a writing class in spite of her demanding aerospace engineering career. She believes working diligently for what you want will come to fruition, regardless of accompanying hardships. Therefore, she continued with creative writing courses and found a mentor in Professor David Lipton of Long Beach City College.

CRUZAN: Get The Story Out

If you want to write, get your story on paper now. As you perfect your skills over time your story will, also, continue to evolve.

CRUZAN: Opportunities

In the video interview posted above, Cruzan reveals the ups and downs of a writing career. She explains how important it is to be perceptive of your surroundings to see the opportunities. In this manner you can, also, explore and maximize your potential discovering more of your talent and becoming more of your individual self.