WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT from the Airport Artwalk on Airport Avenue?

Located just west of Bundy Drive and South of National Boulevard in the City of Santa Monica, you can expect buildings filled with creative souls. Each one has a story to tell, even those who are camera shy. They are brave watching hundreds of people pass them by while a few linger quite mesmerized by the artist’s labor of love. Every now and then a purchase is negotiated. From African head ornaments made from colorful telephone wires to handmade paper made from Zebra dung, the Santa Monica Airport Artwalk enchants every person who appreciates, or, collects art.


The event video allows you to discover artistic processes as you enjoy the sensational vibration of voices, music, shuffling feet along with the emotion radiating off of each work of art. This video features interviews with Gwen Mayer Samuels, Cynthia (creator of the telephone wire headdress), Tanja Rector, Margaret Hyde, Susie McKay Krieser and Jackie Nach.

Woodcarver & Turner

From childhood, recieving his first pocket knife on his 5th birthday, Ray Ford has whittled his way to becoming a wood carving master. Inspired by nature, each one of a kind carved wood piece is created from a carefully dried wood section, such as a tree trunk or branch, that is always beautiful and often rare and exotic.

The wonder of Ray Ford is that his life experience reminds us to persevere, no matter what, in the time of hardship. Growing up in Texas and surviving the depression, Ray found a creative outlet in the offerings of nature.

The SANTA MONICA AIRPORT ARTWALK buzzed and hummed with attendees interacting with one another and engaging directly with the artists.

  • Assistants promoted their artist by sharing details, price lists, flyers, postcards or business cards.
  • The Ruskin Group Theatre convinced me that their production of THE ALAMO was not to be missed.
  • Offering a cornucopia of classes, workshops, retreats, parties and camps, The Art Process had me agreeing that art lessons would be beneficial after reading their belief that ‘We are creative when we experiment, question, use our imaginations and shift perceptions’. 
  • Food trucks offered assorted options for hungry bellies, thirsty throats and demanding taste buds craving something sweet to eat.
  • The Museum of Flying was free during this annual Airport Artwalk; although, each donation was appreciated.
  • Musical melodies danced throughout the festivities on atmospheric currents.
  • Fabulous fun was had under the SoCal sun!

I hope to see you at the next annual Santa Monica Airport Artwalk.

From my heart and mind to yours,

Sophia Ann Montoya