Are You a Wall Flower?

Are you a wall flower dancing only in your head? Do you converse only with yourself in social settings creating an imaginary dialog? Do you react emotionally to every glance you assume is aimed in your direction? Do you wish you looked like someone else? Do you want to be someone else? Why? Why when it is a grand adventure discovering who you are; exciting to explore the extent of your abilities; and, empowering to shape your distinct individuality?

FASHION: What Are You Wearing and Why?

Do you dress to captivate, shock or hide? Do you dress to please yourself or to try to fit in? Is fashion fun for you or is it a chore? How does your personal style reveal what you think about yourself? When you groom yourself and don your apparel, do you comprehend the benefits of productively presenting yourself to the world? Are you controlled by fashion or do you control your fashion? Does your fashion suit your physique, lifestyle and pocket book? Remember, it is important to consider what others think about your facade if it helps you to become a more content and capable YOU.

The Wall Flower Project by Janine Brown

In the video below you will be astounded by the hand crocheted gown made of flowers. The artist, Janine Brown, created an extraordinary art installation weaving layers of insecure thoughts, sounds, music, textures and movement into a dream like state. The audio, photography, lighting, hanging mesh droplets, fashion and Wall Flower figure is beautifully sad but enchanting. Like a buried seed growing, breaking through and beyond the surface to bud, the Wall Flower unfolds into a dance.

In that moment, I believe the introverted Wall Flower dares to embrace her life, and, momentarily aware of her potential she understands that she, too, can evolve into an extraordinary being. If we are willing to believe that life is a miracle, then, we are that miracle. It is good to be in awe of our existence even when we’re trying to figure out what to wear and how to dance.

The Wall Flower Project Book

The Wall Flower Project

I met Janine Brown at the Santa Monica Airport Artwalk on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Her studio opens up to reveal her Wall Flower art installation. However, beyond the grays and winter white shades, her studio is filled with a cornucopia of shapes and color. During the art walk event, her studio was filled with mesmerized attendees while I stood at the entry and immersed myself in the Wall Flower’s world. Designing my own fashion from the age of twelve, I was enthralled by the density of crocheted flowers on the dress that Janine designed and created with her own hands. The dancer in the video seemes to float in the heavy gown made of 4 ply acrylic yarn. As we conversed, I learned that Janine devoted four years of her life to the all encompassing Wall Flower Project. Is it worth your time to pay her a visit? …I answer with a resounding YES!

Janine Brown Studio –¬†

3026 Airport Avenue, Studio 4, Santa Monica 90405