The best way to explore Los Angeles is by getting to know the people. And the best people to mingle with are the creative ones. Why? Since a city is nothing without its inhabitants why not interact with those who make Los Angeles a better and more exciting place to live or visit? Furthermore, whether you are enthralled by or bored with your own imagination, the Brewery Artwalk will gift you–for free–with a cornucopia of inspiration. It is truly a window into the meandering minds and secret souls of others. In addition to art, your feet will tap and jig to the rhythmic sounds emanating from the Musician’s Loft!

The VIDEO above PRESENTS the dynamic energy of the Brewery Artwalk and features interviews with Greg Orloff, DfLA Studios, Andrew Corvell, Alexandra Underhill; along with the House Band of the Musician’s Loft and other visual treats. The following photos and content reveal the heartbeat of the Brewery Lofts and a sliver of LA’s soul. Click blue links for an intimate connection with artisans.

The Los Angeles Brewery

Located in Lincoln Heights, just east of Chinatown, the Brewery art complex is situated beneath the landmark smokestack of the Edison Electric Steam Power Plant. 

The 23 acres stretching beyond the power plant was home to the Eastside Brewing Company which turned to lemonade sales, under the name of Zesto Beverage Company, during prohibition. Booze, once again, became its primary product after prohibition ended its reign. It’s long life witnessed the 1953 transition to Pabst Blue Ribbon Company. 

1982 marked the passing of the Artist-In-Residence code allowing the brewery to be converted into artists’ lofts. Resident artisans range from painters, sculptors, photographers, industrial designers and architects to experimenters of new media. 

Brewery Artisan: Oskar Sheldon

Oskar Sheldon of Sheldonian Art knows how to Live Work Play at his Brewery Loft. Captivated by his extraordinary painted drop cloth decorating the ceiling, which happens to be double-sided, I was also mesmerized by the time-lapsed videos of the project. This massive work was a collaboration with his friends and I encourage you to meet up with Sheldon to hear his story.

Brewery Artisan: Gabe Leonard

Walking into Gabe Leonard’s loft is like walking into a crowd from the past or stepping onto a 20th century movie set. The images are large and bold in contrast to the subtle sounds of his studio. While focused on a project at hand, art-walkers strolled in and out of Gabe’s studio wondering if it would be polite to interrupt him with their queries. I dared to do so and he was quite informative and willing to converse. A visit to his website will expose you to his character driven world.

Brewery Artisan: Kevin Flint

WOW! Who is Kevin Flint? To discover the world of Flint one must begin with an internet journey to Dystopian Studios and LA Art Tours. Only then will you appreciate Kevin’s artistic range. Enjoy the photo below and the video above to start your exploration of this local talent thriving in the competitive Los Angeles art scene.

The Brewery Artwalk

Experience the Brewery Artwalk and meet the artisans yourself. Reading about it will not suffice because there is just too much variety. Dare to take a sculpture class at the Brewery Loft with Olivier Fourtouill and for that brief moment in time, step into an artist’s skin to revel in the frustration, determination and the jubilee of making a remarkable object with your own hands.

Here are a few more creative artisans I had the pleasure of meeting and I encourage you to delve into their offerings for inspiration… photographer Alan Edward Martinez : photographer Bill Leigh Brewer artist Burton Gray