Fashion can be defined as the psychology of apparel. Therefore, before you explore the content of this blog post, let’s define fashion as as a garment styled in a manner to serve a specific purpose or evoke a particular reaction or emotion.


When my mother passed away I sunk into the quicksand of nothingness. That’s how I describe depression; a state of mind where nothing seems to have meaning or purpose. Fortunately, I have a very productive nature and, yet, I have been significantly affected by a handful of sad or fearful events. Refusing to drown my sorrows in a self-sabotaging manner, I always found a way to curl my deep frown up into a smile. In those overwhelming moments I craved chocolate even though I am not a fan of chocolate. Lacking the energy to do anything worthwhile I, at least, had enough energy to get dressed. To crawl out of the unpleasant mental mire I clothed myself in my most stylish outfit, adding captivating adornments, and headed out to a restaurant serving gourmet selections and incredible desserts.

After my mother’s passing, smiling took great effort. So, driven by the mad craving of chocolate, I went to my favorite sweet shop known as Grandma’s Sugar Plum. I ordered a slice of chocolate suicide cake. It was like downing a handful amphetamines. Revived, feeling so alive, I decided there and then to continue celebrating my mother’s birthday by donning haute couture and eating exquisite confections. She was fond of understated elegance and helped me to find my own fashion style. She, also, ensured that her children had memorable birthday celebrations.


What are you wearing? Do you know? Do you care? What psychological affect does fashion have on you?

Fashion is a tool. Fashion is pleasure. Fashion is sensual. While fashion may be considered a luxury, apparel is a necessity. When selecting attire for diverse business meetings or a special event, the experience has the potential of becoming a psychological nightmare.

I happen to be a moody dresser. I enjoy an array of fashion styles because I want to love what I am wearing throughout the duration of any social activity. For example, swing dancing styles differ from tango dancing garments. However, there are moments when fashion is not a consideration, only the utility of the garment or accessory , such as a hat, matters. And when it’s time to garden, I resort to thread bare and stained pieces that are strong enough to take another beating…nothing ever matches.

Fashion can, also, be rather annoying when you do not have the time or the money to accomplish a specific outcome. And, for some, fashion is a waste of time. For example, many find comfort in the simplicity of a uniform worn almost daily. Many appreciate the ease of T-shirts and jeans, shorts and tank shirts, or sweats and exercise clothes.

Fashion can be a statement of individuality. From vintage clothing to the roaring twenties, ramping up to the pin-up girl era, tripping through the psychedelic 60s and zooming toward the future, apparel options offer up a cornucopia of ways to create individuality. No matter where you go, what you do or who you see, be content with your facade before you mingle, if, you treasure self esteem and empowerment.

Fortunately, there is abundant talent creating an assortment of clothing and accessories for us to choose from regardless of our personality or financial circumstances. From Walmart fashions to the exotic adornments created by talented artisans, such as Greg Orloff, we can express how we feel, reveal  who we are, or, fantasize about who we could be with what we wear.


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I am interested in how the wearer of a piece of jewelry can take on alternative personas through the use of adornment. Power and protection are central elements in my work. While jewelry is not physically protective, the shape and form that these pieces take can increase attention or deter interaction in everyday social settings.