Are Your Skills Obsolete?

Technology continues to evolve as does our reliance on digital tools. I purchased my first digital camera from Kodak in the 1980s. For the first time I was enthralled with capturing everything that captivated. Being able to upload my images to my first laptop computer gave me full control of the editing process; I felt empowered. Unfortunately, as time passed, Kodak struggled with bankruptcies, eliminated consumer products and downsized.

What we needed yesterday is often obsolete today; however, not necessarily unworthy of our time. For example, the debate about cursive handwriting reminds us of the importance of various forms of creativity. Creativity results in innovation; therefore, exercising our brains to keep new ideas flowing for the benefit mankind is imperative.

Furthermore, with electrical blackouts during heatwaves technology is not a sure thing. Also, imagine an asteroid smashing into our satellites and destroying all communication. While living in awe of our Sci-fi world, dare we forget how to manually make things happen?

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Baffled By TECH?

In the videos posted below, Rachel Perlmutter of The Art Of Online Marketing shares her thoughts on the importance of technology in spite of its flaws. As you listen, ponder upon your children’s future and seek out supportive activities that instill responsible application and innovation as business and technology continue their evolution.