As you ponder and dream about the ‘sweet life‘ pause long enough to read this dialog or, at the very least, repeat the following mantra over and again as if your life depended on it: Health is Wealth. When you think of sugar, think of it as poison. Also, take the time to peruse the associated links below to make sure you are ingesting a premium feast.

How Sweet Is Your Life?


SUGAR SAL: I don’t remember beinginjected, but, I know that demonic nano-robots are creeping within because my body has gone completely awry. It’s true. My pink tongue is chalky white. I have painful blistery sores in my mouth. My eyes are swollen, my head is throbbing and my waste evacuation system is doing the most hideous things. Furthermore, what man on this planet would dare kiss my split lips adorned with mutating Herpes Labialis, preventing me from smiling as my esophagus burps up acrid fumes of gastric juices?

VEGGIE VAL: It’s NOT nano-robots.

SUGAR SAL: I know that. The villains are my taste buds. I would slaughter them like sheep if they weren’t connected to my tongue. They’ve taken over like an alien invasion turning my mouth into a grand central station where they control the entire ingress of all things edible. There’s no stopping them. God, I’m so depressed. I need another bowl of ice cream.

VEGGIE VAL: DON’T blame your taste buds.

How Sweet Is Your Life?SUGAR SAL: You’re always on their side. I know, as well as you, that they’re my sense of taste and smell. And, like a knight in shining armor they raise an alarm when I’m in danger of fire, poisonous fumes (like your cologne) or spoiled food. But, they tease with fleeting pleasures like every boyfriend I’ve ever had. Listen, I’m grateful they work. At least, I’m not suffering from a bizarre sinus disease, or tormented by a growth in my nasal passage, or, worse, about to die from a brain tumor which is just what I need on top of everything else. But, it’s not my fault. They’re the ones craving desserts and shots of vodka in lieu of carrot sticks and water.

VEGGIE VAL: Cease your emotive diatribe and STOP ignoring your body’s S.O.S. It knows the conspirator’s hand, make that two, in cahoots with the diabolic mind responsible for your pathetic condition.

SUGAR SAL: I’m not ignoring the S.O.S.  In fact, my body is shouting so loud I can’t hear what it’s trying to say, especially, when it’s marring my natural beauty and hurting me. How rude is that? Why can’t it just calm down and communicate like a diplomat? If it would chill out, maybe, I’d be able to understand what the heck is going on. It just won’t let up. I’m so exhausted. And, the nightmare of this entire ordeal is that I’m always hungry!

How Sweet Is Your Life?

VEGGIE VAL: Hey! Did you EAT the chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday?

SUGAR SAL: And, you’re the evil accomplice. With a roommate like you I don’t need any enemies. How dare you leave them out and about, tempting me while I’m in this condition? They should be in your bedroom under lock and key. Look at me … this roll of fat … I jogged three miles every day this week and I haven’t lost a single pound. I feel like screaming. Something has infiltrated and conquered my entire being. They, as persuasive as the wicked witch offering up a juicy crisp apple, force me to feed excessively.


SUGAR SAL: What? Is your boyfriend here? Has he been listening? Great. How embarrassing. I thought we were having a private conversation. If he makes fun of me at the club I’ll tie him up, bury him under a mound of brown sugar, and bake him in … no, I’ll lead an army of ants directly to your annoying bundle of sweetness.

VEGGIE VAL: Sit down, seal your lips and LISTEN. It sounds like your blood sugar is dipping and soaring from low to high, and from high to low like a roller coaster. By the way, did you know that sugar feeds Candidiasis?

SUGAR SAL: Is that the medical term for cravings?

VEGGIE VAL: It happens to be our body’s natural digestive yeast. However, if we let it grow out of control, by feeding it junk, it weakens our immune system.

SUGAR SAL: You’re such a know-it-all.

VEGGIE VAL: You need to see a doctor; preferably a holistic healer. In the mean time, AVOID convoluted diets and eat, only, nutrient rich foods. Translation? No fast food, no processed food, no microwave-food, no SUGAR or anything else that metamorphoses into sugar.

SUGAR SAL: Diet coke?

VEGGIE VAL: FEED your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Never eat, or drink, anything altered with substitutes or mixed with chemicals. Your body is not a garbage bin. It’s a miracle to be revered. Let it function at full capacity.

SUGAR SAL: I’m starving already! I need a pizza.

VEGGIE VAL: Fool! You’ve triggered your body into starvation-mode by filling your belly with food as nutritious as wet cement.  It’s frantically storing fat which is why you have cellulite, and it’s terrified that you’ll never feed it the high octane fuel it needs. Shame on you.

SUGAR SAL: You and my mother! –always pointing fingers at me piercing my psyche with darts of truth. Oh, me. Oh, my. There’s no other way … I have to admit; I’m to blame. Me. I shrugged off responsibility and became my own foe dishing toxins into my eager orifice. This debilitating behavior must end. I must refuse to let the seed of disease shackle me. This day, I will wage war against the snare of my own ignorance and fight for my health. The battle will not cease until I vanquish the might of my fiendish and erratic eating disorders.  First, I will leap free from my deceitful mind. Then, I will teach my hands to help in lieu of inflicting anguish and harm upon myself. Dear friend, await the beauteous morn when my jubilee resounds in victory as I parade my nutritious life dancing, energetically, sans the need for remedy.

Health is Wealth

This dialog was inspired by my perusal of Beyond Diet – Dr. Bob Marshall Health Rejuvenation 


How informed are you? How much do you know about candida and probriotics? CLICK HERE and ponder upon this explanation, but, beware of misinformation as you take the necessary steps to comprehend the entire subject. CLICK HERE for further insight. Then continue with your own research to make sure you are living a ‘sweet life‘.

 How Sweet Is Your Life?