“What makes a woman dangerous? What are her weapons?” …was the theme of the Dangerous Women event held at TRAXX Bar in Union Station (Los Angeles). With the innate ability to bring forth life, and with the understanding that what you think becomes action causing reaction, women have the power to change their set of circumstances. And, fortunately for all of us, those dangerous women continue to change the world.

COLLABORATIVE EVENTS: Dangerous WomenDangerous Women: Collaboration

Dirty Laundry Lit partnered with Writ Large Press to present Dangerous Women inside the expansive intensity of Union Station.

Dirty Laundry LIT: “The mission of Dirty Laundry Lit is to inspire the literary community and to promote reading through provocative and sensational readings.” Natashia Deon

DT-LAB: DT-LAB is produced by Los Angeles-based publisher Writ Large Press for the purpose of examining the interaction of community buildings with the arts and the private sector in modern urban metropolis areas. “The hurdles and obstacles are wide and varied but around each shines the possibility of a better way, a better path. Each challenge draws us closer to a place where cultural expression and successful business tactics are no longer mutually exclusive.” Judeth Oden Choi – Chiwan Choi – Peter Woods – Jessica Ceballos


TRAXX Restaurant & Bar at Union Station: Union Station is located on the eastern edge of downtown Los Angeles. Connecting the past, present and future, the architecture is a combination of Spanish colonial, Art Deco and streamline Modern styles. Since 1997, TRAXX Restaurant and Bar provides vitality and a respite for the passengers bringing back the wonder of the golden age of trains.

DANGEROUS WOMEN: Talented Writer’s & Readers

To learn more about the writers and readers presenting their creative work, please, enjoy the video posted below as the dynamic Jeff Eyres entertains and makes introductions to the audience. Presenting: Denise L. McIver – Claire Bidwell Smith – Charles W. Hamilton – Jillian Lauren – Kate Maruyama – Fredericka Meek – Stephanie Janis – Natashia Deon




Those attired in a ‘Dangerous Women’ costume

received Kate Maruyama’s recently published novel.

Denise L. McIver