Have you ever dressed up in a clown outfit? I have. It was so much fun. A fellow realtor let me borrow her clown costume, wig and make-up. Why? I wanted to surprise my mom by delivering a box of edible cake roses for her birthday. I set everything up so I could enter her secure work space and surprise her.

At first I was uncomfortable with all the attention I received getting to my car and driving off to the freeway. Then, I decided to let the fun obliterate the embarrassment of acting like a goofy fashion fool. It was a blast. By the time I reached my mother I was prancing and dancing about like a fashion model. Never saying a single word throughout my happy-go-lucky act, my mother had no idea who I was. She loved the edible roses, was delighted by my performance and when she figured out who I was she was stunned. You see, I am her introverted child, the loner, the one happy working on projects alone. And yet, I definitely recommend, to one and all, be a happy loving-clown for a day…it will make you feel so vibrantly alive.

FASHION: Clown or Hobo Costumes

Made from a twin size bed sheet, this costume was made in such a manner that mother and daughter were able to prance about in fashionable clown-silly style.

  • Gather fabric you are willing to cut up and make mistakes on.
  • Sewing machine is preferable but, anything can be made by hand.
  • Gather feathers, pompoms, ties, pajamas, buttons, scarfs, ribbons, etc.
  • Elastic around neck and ankles creates ruffles
  • Long slits on sides makes it easy to get in and out of.
  • Leave room for warm under clothes if needed.
  • Face paint and accessories complete the look.
  • A 13 step clown costume: CLICK HERE
  • Hobo clown costume: CLICK HERE
  • Pinterest is a great source for ideas.