A Silver Strand lifestyle begins with a love for the Pacific Ocean breeze and the activities embracing the beach and marina. Of course, living near your employment, freeways and the airport makes life in Los Angeles County very convenient and carefree.

Silver Strand 90292: History

  • From Marina del Rey Harbor to the Pacific Ocean, the Silver Strand is located south of Washington Boulevard  between the Ballona Lagoon and Via Marina ending at the Main Channel.
  • 1905: as part of Venice, the area was named the Silver Strand-Del Rey Tract which included today’s Venice Peninsula situated on the western side of the Ballona Lagoon.
  • KINNEY: Abbot Kinney incorporated his holdings in Venice as the City of Ocean Park in 1904. He renamed his City of Ocean Park as Venice in 1911. After Kinney’s death, the citizens of Venice voted, in 1920, to annex themselves to the City of Los Angeles.
  • Originally a group of islands and sandbars, the Silver Strand was not the solid land mass of today. 
  • 1929: Oil was discovered. Major companies changed the landscape to oil and gas wells. The need for roads to access these wells lead to landfill techniques. Via Marita, the main road, has since become Via Dolce.
  • Marina del Rey Harbor: A remnant of a vast wetland, to the east of the Silver Strand, was home to the Los Angeles Recreation Gun Club formed in the 1880s to offer members duck hunting opportunities. It was transformed into Marina del Rey Harbor in 1965.
  • 1965: The Marina del Rey Harbor was a dramatic change to the topography of the Strand, the Venice Peninsula and the Ballona Lagoon.
  • OIL: Referred to as Black Gold, oil diminished leading to the capping of wells which created the potential for real estate development. This shift attracted individual investors and professional companies.
  • 1974 Development: Harlan Lee built the Strand Colony I and II condominiums on the east side of Via Dolce.
  • 1976: The first home was built on the western side of Via Dolce benefiting from the existing utility infrastructure.
  • 1979: Owners of lots west of Via Dolce, granted a permit by the Federal Court, raised $4,500,000 to create sewers, streets and lighting systems for a residential community christened, “The Isthmus Landowners Association,” (ILA). Later, the Tract was renamed The Silver Strand. ILA became the “Silver Strand Marina Homeowners, Inc” in 2000. Note: The southernmost end of the Strand, beyond Topsail Mall and the Channel, remains part of the original Del Rey Tract.
  • 90292: Consisting of Marina del Rey, portions of Venice, and the Silver Strand, it is important to note that the 90292 mailing address does not interfere with voting registration for Venice residents.
  • Rancho La Ballona: The Silver Strand was once part of the 14,000 acre land grant deeded to the Machado and Talamentes families by the Mexican government in 1839.

Silver Strand 90292

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