BLUE MOON is a Tango documentary featuring an intimate group of Tango students and dancers in Los Angeles and Orange County throughout 2004.

The experience of creating the film, BLUE MOON, later inspired STEP INTO A PASSIONATE EMBRACE, an e-Book available on, which explores the world of tango and its affect on personal and professional development.

Initially, the film was made to capture the passion of Claudio Omar Rubio and his wife, Veronica. They always had a sincere smile and embrace for each student. As the project expanded I realized I needed an expert and hired cinematographer, Charles Tentindo. Beyond interviews and special events, I incorporated my struggle to perform in front of an audience. For me, it was an enormous feat that, unfortunately, made it quite clear I was not a dancer. Regardless, it was in every aspect an accomplishment I am very proud of.

The tango world is exotic, and, for those of us with two left feet, tango is an impossible dance to master with all its pivots, ochos, boleos, molenetes, crusadas and hiros, along with an assortment of combinations and embellishments. Captivating to watch, tango has the ability to make one and all ponder and dream.

May you and I, ever, dance through life in the radiant glow of smiles, kisses and hugs as we erect our castle of dreams while pondering upon each desire to leap from star to star just to twirl back again to slide down the undulating ripples emanating from our opalescent moon.


BLUE MOON -tango friendship and love-


Sophia Ann Montoya