Sunday May 21st was a very hot day at Paramount Ranch!

I melted, and, with each step a cloud of dust coated my skin filling the well of each fragile pore. Would I ever be clean, cool and refreshed again? How in the world did women survive the era of covered wagons and stagecoaches smothered in layers of annoying fabric as they traveled west to settle down in new American territories at the birth of each new State? Maybe that is why much of the music sounds like sorrow laced with a bit of hope.

Suffering through the performances of those who wished they had talent, it was worth the agitation the moment we happened upon an angelic voice, a musical master, or, a dancer extraordinaire. There are always rare gems to be found at the Banjo and Fiddle Folk Festival.

It is doubtful that I will return to this countrified annual event…regardless, I am so glad my eyes were delighted with the cinematic setting adorned with proud massive trees and permanent edifices boasting western flair.

Before attending this well planned and diverse Banjo, Fiddle, Folk Festival event, I had never heard of Paramount Ranch. Now, I desire to return with family and friends for a picnic and hike hoping we’ll be able to bring Nicco, the beloved Beagle.

EVENT: Banjo, Fiddle, Folk Festival

Folk music is not my preference, even so, this event was well planned offering many options, such as, dancing in the barn, voice and instrument competitions on several stages, performances by previous event winners, and many picnic areas where musicians gathered to jam in ecstasy. CLICK HERE to learn more, or, go to

Enjoying the delicate breeze teasing the eucalyptus grove, I was so grateful for the Women On The Move Trio. Such lovely voices and lyrical melodies enchanted us all. I even sang along! I can’t sing but could not stop myself from joining the resounding fun! A beautiful blonde mother sitting in front of me trilled like an angel…I imagined her walking along the coastline of the British Isles in full Celtic voice; however, she was joyful belting out John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads lead by the TRIO as she played with her handsome young toddler.


If you have a cast iron stomach and money to burn, the food trucks might suffice. But, if you are a picky eater with a tender tummy, I urge you to bring your own grub. This is picnic heaven. Make the effort, fill your red wagon to overflowing! Nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains, take the time to relax on your blankets or set up your folding chairs to enjoy vittles embraced by the panoramic serenity of Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills. The event reminds me of the only childhood folk song I remembered learning; ALL DAY SINGING…

All day singing, supper’s on the ground
Old folk and young folk gathering round
All of the neighbours you’ll get to see
Oh come along Mary, come sit by me

Some from Leicester and far away
Come early in the morning and stay all day
Every kind of vittle that you ever did see
Oh come along Mary, come sit by me

Bring your fried chicken and your chocolate cake
Bring all of the goodies that you can bake
Bring along your guitars, harmonica too
Oh come along Mary, oh come along do

PARAMOUNT RANCH: Horses and Trails

What I loved most were the mounted volunteers allowing child and adult to pet the statuesque creatures. What was more impressive was the fact that these uniformed riders meander through the hillsides, throughout the year, in search of hikers in need of water or medical attention. I find that act of brotherhood impressive.

To learn more about Paramount Ranch, located at 2903 Cornell Road, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301, go directly to the sources to acquire historic, event, and daily offerings: