Author Dan Millman said, “There are no ordinary moments.” Therefore, remember that anything is possible, and, as you journey onward and far keep your heart focused on the wonder of it all in spite of life’s moments of cacophony, because, even within a fleeting moment you can find your serenity by inhaling salty ocean air as the breeze tangles your hair and tugs at your clothes. Nature’s gentle gifts can soothe the tumultuous thoughts pounding through the maze of an overwhelmed mind.

Walk With Me: Havens of Serenity

In a world of chaos, obstacles and challenges you must find havens of serenity to manage your state of mind and maximize your potential. As remarkable as meditation is it will not help if you do not understand the simple fact that “what you think becomes action causing reaction”. You may know it as a fact but understanding the process allows you to productively use it as a tool.

Begin with thought. Consider until you believe that chaos, obstacles and challenges are your pools of possibilities where opportunities arise. This mindset ignites the desire to overcome and breakthrough personal and professional storms. Choose to do it with serenity. Allow your actions and reactions, sans emotional diatribe, reveal each benefit as you get closer to the outcome you are aiming for. After the experience has run its course, you can decide if it has enough value of being repeated. If not, develop the thoughts, actions and reactions necessary to avoid the situation. Having a process to assist you in a moment of strife will make it easier to avoid being emotionally, mentally and physically battered by stress. The ability to focus steadfastly on an outcome or goal, while avoiding unnecessary and unwanted drama, is serenity itself.

Palos Verdes Peninsula

Walk With Me: Palos Verdes Peninsula Tide Pools


FIND YOUR SERENITY: Palos Verdes Peninsula Tide Pools