When we’ve lost our status and dignity with our accomplishments lost in the abstract maze of memory, can we still see the light of hope? The Meandering Mind eBook includes a story about a man who diligently created a productive life out of nothing only to lose it all. Can anything save him from his last act…suicide? Why is suicide against the law? Why must one carry on when there is nothing more to live for. What is it that makes most of us want to survive? Is it nothing more than the need to be worthy, needed or recognized? Or, does our DNA include this thing we call ‘HOPE’?


Hope sets emotion’s motion on fire. It is productive passion. Hope is power. The Meandering Mind eBook anthology is a cornucopia of emotion’s motion depicted by Sophia Ann Montoya’s art, essays, photos, poetry, ponderings, prose and stories. Is there a ray of hope for this lost soul?

“Stomach growls and acidic hunger pains were annoyances he had yet to master even though desire’s emotion no longer existed. Mere rubbish, he knew he was polluting every inch of surface his feet shuffled across. If only the darkness of his closed eyes created portals he could step through into other universes, he’d search each parallel dimension to ensure his life choices continually led to success. Turning off the volume of thought, he focused on the deafening weight of silence, a void allowing him to disappear from life. In that moment, his body’s demand for sustenance ceased. Finally, he was absolutely nothing.”

“Hey! Hey! Chill! Keep your cool, keep your cool. I only saw the box.  Didn’t see you there…just the box.  Keep it down man. Keep it down. I don’t steal. Just saw the box. Hey dude, dude, can you get off my cart? Just let me go. Let me go and I’ll leave you alone.”

The Meandering Mind: Emotion’s Motion

The Meandering Mind eBook is an anthology of emotion’s motion. Depicted in an array of formats, this visual compilation overflowing with ponderings and prose can be purchased on Amazon.