Emotion’s Motion

Who were you? What have you done? Who are you now? What are you doing? Who will you allow yourself to become? What will you allow yourself to accomplish?

The Meandering Mind

Never forget, our thoughts, actions and reactions write the story of our life. We are a cornucopia of senses, emotions and physicality. We are gifted with our very own set of fingerprints and DNA; the combination of which proves that we, as Homo sapiens, are not equal.


From moment to moment within the full spectrum of the horrible to euphoric, we learn that the examination and experience of self is a worthwhile endeavor. More importantly, it takes the same amount of energy to be the worst person we can be as it does to be the best person we can be; it is just a different path. How we explore, exploit and expand our multi-faceted self is our choice.


As depicted in Sophia Ann Montoya’s essays, poetry, ponderings, prose and stories, we are responsible for each thread of thought, action and reaction weaving our tapestry of life regardless of circumstances. Whether destructive or productive, pay attention to your meandering mind as you delve into the imagination and inspiration of her mental maze.


Her wish for all of us is to focus on and become intrigued by our own unique mental and physical attributes in order to develop our individual potential. Our potential has the power to give us a clear purpose for living. In spite of our flaws, influences and obstacles, purpose can empower us. Like a magnet, we can attract well suited possibilities and interactive opportunities as our lives unfold.


The questions to ask before you start your day are what can you do (not someone else) to enhance every aspect of your life? Are you eager, no matter what arises, to embrace each new day? If not, are you willing to discover options leading to a better situation? To transcend or descend is not a question, it is a personal choice.

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