THE RAREST GEMS: friendship and love

THE RAREST GEMS: friendship and love

DIAMONDS cannot make me laugh when I am sad. MONEY cannot teach me the things I need to know to live a life fulfilled. It is the interaction with others that stimulates my senses and inspires.

Without the guiding hand, the mentorship, the support of others…how could I possibly understand the importance of each exhale and inhale creating thought, action and reaction within each moment of fluid or turbulent time? How could I participate in the embrace of friendship and love?

You and I, may we dance through life in the radiant glow of smiles, kisses and hugs as we build our enchanted foundation of dreams and ponder upon each desire to reach a captivating star and explore the ever changing shapes of the opalescent moon.

BLUE MOON -tango friendship and love- from Sophia Ann Montoya on Vimeo.

THE RAREST GEMS: friendship and love

DEFINE what friendship means to you. Then ask yourself if you can reciprocate.

DEFINE what love means to you, then ask yourself if you know how to love.

EXPLORE the difference between debilitating and empowering relationships. When you write an affirmation of the kind of life partner you want, consider why they might desire you in return. Applaud others before expecting applause. Learn to mentor allowing others to help themselves instead of rescuing them for the glory of heroism.

Long ago I decided to wait for the perfect man. A friend suggested that being alone might cause me harm by diminishing my life’s experiences. She further declared, there is no perfect man, so, why journey through life alone? I pondered upon her words and decided to pay attention to the men I connected with as worthy of my time. If the connection enhanced my life in some manner I enjoyed the relationship until the joy vanished into the quicksand of discord. In this manner I became a better person; a more desirable female able to move on without bitterness blotting my gratitude for the remarkable moments shared.

Learning to appreciate others in spite of their imperfections, I became more aware of my own making decisions to transform negative aspects of my persona into productive behavior. I began by exploring and exploiting my potential believing that self-esteem was required if I dared to attract dynamic individuals. Surprised by the desire to empower others as I evolved, I realized I must thoroughly enjoy becoming more of myself in lieu of wishing I was like someone else.

Over time, empowering others to learn about,

and love, who they are has became my

definition of friendship and love.

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