DEADLY DESPAIR by Sophia Ann Montoya

A Writer's Journey: Inspired By A Male MuseEXCERPT: “Anxious, ignoring the spasm in his left eye, the owner of the establishment telephoned the Colombian National Guard and the Bogotá police while perspiration trickled down the maître d’s spine as he replayed the telephone conversations he had with Arabella Arbenz over and over again in his head. He had heard the desperation in her pleas, “I know he’s there.  Tell him it’s me. “


Inspired by a true event via a witness, this ‘Deadly Despair’ short story features a suicide in a public place involving people of fame. Never forget, the grass is rarely greener on the other side, it is just different. Pondering upon the fact that thought creates action causing reaction; ‘WHY’ is the question we ask when a destructive path is taken in lieu of one that is productive and fulfilling.


The Meandering Mind Emotion’s Motion eBook anthology of art, essays, photos, poetry, ponderings, prose and stories can be purchased on Amazon. This book reveals the imperfection of individuals, all the while, believing each life is a miracle with an opportunity to discover all aspects of their potential. Always, the author, Sophia Ann Montoya, hopes they’ll keep their feet on a path of innovation to inspire others to improve their set of circumstances.