Deception is a survival instinct. Deception is often a weapon. How many times is it used to terrorize others? The Meandering Mind eBook’s ‘DECEPTION’ story was inspired by a true event but, as pure fiction, it does not depict the actual crime. The theme of taking advantage of others and igniting revenge is a common thread…along with 5 gunshots recorded by a security system. Often, victims are in denial of the facts. The question is ‘WHY’ are they unwilling to acknowledge the truth about the situation. Are they afraid? Or, does accepting the truth hurt too much? It is interesting how much drama a bad choice can make. It is horrifying how much drama is intentionally created to harm or control others.


The Meandering Mind eBook anthology of art, essays, poetry, photos, ponderings, prose and stories presents ‘DECEPTION’ by Sophia Ann Montoya.

“Vultures circling in on the young and exotic songbird made it easy for Cyrus, a tall muscled Black Arab with a deep British accent, to sweep Diamond off her feet into marriage. Wrapped in the intensity of his care, she felt safe as he promoted her jazz career parading her through Europe and coast to coast in the United States on her dime. 

“Leaving the bizarre experience behind, Ava could feel the weird wackiness of insomnia invade her body as she pressed into the head rest of the back seat. She was wired and dead tired. She hated the feeling. The swerve of the SUV added to her weary discomfort. Unable to stop her tsunami of emotion she snapped out, “What the hell kind of bullshit was that?”

The Meandering Mind eBook: Emotion’s Motion

The Meandering Mind eBook is an anthology of emotion’s motion depicted in art, essays, photos, poetry, ponderings, prose and stories.  The offerings expose the imperfections of humanity as individuals struggle to respect the miracle of their life. You can purchase it on Amazon.