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Who were you? What have you done? Who are you now? What are you doing? Who will you allow yourself to become? What do you want to accomplish? Our thoughts, actions and reactions arise from a foundation of contempt or love.  The full emotive expression of how we individually define and implement every aspect of contempt and love will affect the exploration, exploitation and expansion of our individual potential.

We are a cornucopia of senses, emotions and physicality gifted with our very own set of fingerprints and DNA; the combination of which proves that we, as Homo sapiens, are not equal. Therefore, I challenge you to comprehend how responsibility offers you the freedom to discover who you are and all that you can be within your own unique set of circumstances.

Whether destructive or productive, pay attention to your meandering mind as you delve into the imagination and inspiration of my mental maze. My offerings are simply my tools making me eager to embrace a brand new day. From moment to moment within the full spectrum of the horrible to euphoric, I have learned that the examination and experience of self is truly a worthy endeavor. My wish for all of us is to focus on, become fascinated with, and, delve into our own unique possibilities and opportunities as our extraordinary journey, called life, unfolds.

02/14/2020 by S.A. Montoya ©